Can I Put Pampas Grass in the Bathroom? A Complete Guide


“Can I put pampas grass in the bathroom?” is a question many interior design enthusiasts have asked. Pampas grass, with its fluffy plumes and neutral tones, has become a popular choice for home décor. But does it work well in a bathroom setting? In this guide, we’ll explore the benefits, considerations, styling tips, and care instructions for placing pampas grass in your bathroom.

Benefits of Pampas Grass in the Bathroom

Adding pampas grass to your bathroom can bring several aesthetic and functional benefits:

Aesthetic Appeal

Pampas grass adds a touch of natural elegance and softness to the bathroom. Its neutral color palette complements various interior styles, from bohemian to modern minimalist.

Low Maintenance

Unlike live plants, dried pampas grass requires minimal care. It doesn’t need water or sunlight, making it an excellent option for bathrooms with low natural light.


Pampas grass can be styled in numerous ways, whether in a vase on the countertop, in a floor-standing arrangement, or as part of a wall décor piece.

Considerations Before Placing Pampas Grass in the Bathroom

Before you decide to place pampas grass in your bathroom, consider the following factors:

Humidity Levels

Bathrooms are naturally humid environments, especially after showers. While pampas grass is dried, prolonged exposure to high humidity can cause it to become moldy or discolored.

Space and Placement

Ensure you have enough space to place pampas grass without it becoming a nuisance. Tall plumes can get in the way if placed too close to sinks or mirrors.


Pampas grass can shed small particles, which might be problematic for individuals with allergies. Regular dusting and proper placement can help mitigate this issue.

How to Style Pampas Grass in the Bathroom

Styling pampas grass in your bathroom can enhance its overall look. Here are some ideas:

In a Vase

Place pampas grass in a stylish vase on the countertop, windowsill, or a shelf. Choose a vase that complements your bathroom’s color scheme and style.

Floor Arrangement

For larger bathrooms, a floor-standing arrangement of pampas grass can make a dramatic statement. Place it in a tall vase or basket in a corner or beside a freestanding bathtub.

Wall Décor

Incorporate pampas grass into wall décor by combining it with other natural elements like wood or wicker. Wall hangings or wreaths made from pampas grass can add texture and interest to plain walls.

Caring for Pampas Grass in a Humid Environment

To keep your pampas grass looking its best in a humid bathroom, follow these care tips:

Regular Dusting

Gently dust the plumes regularly to remove any buildup of dust and moisture. This will help maintain their appearance and prevent mold.

Air Circulation

Ensure good air circulation in your bathroom by using an exhaust fan or opening windows. This will help reduce humidity levels and protect your pampas grass.

Avoid Direct Water Contact

Keep pampas grass away from direct water sources. If it gets wet, gently pat it dry with a towel and allow it to air dry completely.

Alternatives to Pampas Grass for Bathroom Décor

If you’re not sure about using pampas grass, consider these alternatives for bathroom décor:

Dried Flowers

Dried flowers like lavender, eucalyptus, and baby’s breath are beautiful and low-maintenance options that thrive in a bathroom environment.

Artificial Plants

High-quality artificial plants can provide the same aesthetic appeal without the worry of humidity damage. They come in various styles and sizes to suit any bathroom.

Live Plants

If you prefer live plants, choose those that thrive in high humidity, such as ferns, orchids, or peace lilies. These plants can add a fresh, vibrant touch to your bathroom.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Is Pampas Grass Safe for Bathrooms?

Yes, pampas grass is generally safe for bathrooms as long as it is kept dry and free from excessive humidity.

How Long Does Pampas Grass Last?

With proper care, pampas grass can last for several years. Regular dusting and keeping it away from moisture will extend its lifespan.

Where Can I Buy Pampas Grass?

You can buy pampas grass from local florists, home décor stores, or online retailers like Etsy and Amazon.


So, can you put pampas grass in the bathroom? The answer is yes, with some considerations. Pampas grass can add a touch of natural beauty to your bathroom, but it’s essential to manage humidity and care for it properly. With the right styling and maintenance, pampas grass can be a stunning addition to your bathroom décor.

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